The yearly festival of the temple begins on the first Tuesday during the month of Chithirai and is celebrated continuously for 13 days with worships of scholastic music and poetry along with the main poojas.In the meantime special anointments for Her Holiness Amman are also carried out. The Festival which begins with Poochatu ends with the celebration of Vasandha Vizha.


The first day of the Chithirai Festival of the Dhandumariamman is begun with the Poochatu Festival. At 6.30 in the evening, the Holy Pole, glorified by musical instruments is taken in a procession to the Vasandha Mandapam where it erected and decorated with flowers and garlands. Following which, innumerable devotees and scholars take part in the worship seeking the kind blessings of Her Holiness.


Agnichatu is celebrated on the third day of the Chithirai Festival. At 6.30 pm, the Holy Agni Pots alighted and kept at the feet of Mother Amman are taken along with the Holy Pole on a procession around the temple. With special poojas the Poochatu Pole is replaced with the Agnichatu Pole. The Holy Agni Pot is placed on the three branches of the pole and worshipped. The holy fire burning in the pot eradicates the evil and protects the entire world.

Holy Lamp Festival (Thiru Vilakku Valipadu)

The Holy Lamp Festival which is celebrated on the fourth day of the Chithirai Festival has got great significance. The festival begins at 6.30 in the evening. Devoting themselves in front of a lamp placed on top of a banana leaf, hundreds of married women and young ladies worship Her Holiness fervently by repeating 108 Verses recited by the priest. The Women seek the mercy of her Holiness Mother Amman by offering Her rice, coconut, banana, incense sticks, camphor, beetle leaves and nuts, turmeric, holy ropes, bangles, saffron, flower and sweet pongal.

Sakthi Karaga Valipaadu

The most important part of the Chithirai Festival is the Sakthi Karaga Valipaadu. On that eve thousands of devotees worship Her Holiness by carrying the Holy Agni Pot in a procession from the Koniamman Temple at the Big Bazaar Street to Dhandumariamman Temple. Men and Women after undergoing a fast take part in the procession fervently. The entire Coimbatore City will be in a festive mood on the eve.

The procession which begins at the Koniamman Temple at Big Bazaar Street, moves through Oppanakara Street, Milk Market, Anuppar Palayam, Dr. Nanjappa Road and reaches the decorated Maha Mandapam of the Dhandumariamman Temple by 12.00 pm where special poojas are done and food is distributed to the devotees on behalf of the temple.

At 6.30 in the evening, with special decorations done, Her Holiness Mother Amman and his holiness Lord Utsava Moorthy are placed on the Anna Vahanam and at 7.00 pm the Holy Wedding takes place. Devotees pay respect to the Holy deities by giving monetary offerings. At 8.00 pm the procession of the Holy Deities takes place in a palanquin decorated with sapparandha flowers. The procession extends to Gopala Puram, Railway Station and from there reaches back to the temple through the Post Office route.The Holy Poles are alighted after the Manjal Neer Utsav which is conducted the day after the Holy Wedding.

Tamil Murai Latcharchanai

Tamil Murai Latcharchanai is held on the eleventh day of the Chithirai Festival from 6.00 am to 8.00 pm during which experts in reciting Latcharchanai gather in the temple and glorify the deity. This Latcharchanai Festival has been monitored and conducted successfully every year by the members of the Thelungu Chettiyar Community of Coimbatore.

Vasantha Vizha

On the last day of the Chithirai Festival, the Maha Mandapam is decorated as a garden with numerous fruits and flowers where the deities of Her Holiness Mother Amman and his Holiness Lord Utsava Moorthy is placed and worshipped signifying the end of the Festival.

The devotees who take part in the Chithirai Festival are sure to receive the blessings of the Mother. And the entire Kongu region considers it as a gift to take part in this festival.

Maha Abishegam

During the eve of Tamil Murai Latcharchanai, the mercy and blessings of the Mother is sought by carrying out special worships of pooja from 10.00 am in the morning.