Annadhanam & GoldenChariot Services

Annadhana Scheme

On 15-8-2002 TamilNadu Government began 'Annadhanam' in 63 temples for sevarthigal who come to worship God in the afternoon.
Every day 'Annadhanam' is being done successfully for 100 people. Those interested in giving 'Annadhanam' to around 100 persons will have to pay Rs.2000. If sevarthigal deposits Rs.20000, they can give Annadhanam for yearly once for their specified date. We invite you to join this scheme, feed the hungry and wish you to live with happiness and prosperity.

Golden Chariot

After obtaining Rs.1000 from the sevarthigal, every evening around 6.30PM, God's procession in this golden chariot takes place. Rs.15000 is obtained from those who wish God's procession in the golden chariot to take place once a year.